Monday, June 09, 2014

McAfee's Knob

I carefully stepped towards the overlook, then I saw a few friends hanging out and greeted them.  Soon, I handed one of them my camera asking, can you take my picture.

This wouldn't be the only veiws I'd have that day.  Honestly, I enjoyed the views from Tinker Cliffs more so.  At Tinker Cliffs I watched the rain storm move in.  At that time, I'd time the line of travel and hustle to the next shelter.  At the shelter other hikers came in at various stages of wet, many had been caught in the rain and hail.  Some hikers took refuge in the rocky over hangs before the storm let up.

For the moment, I edged to the edge and let my feet hand over for a few frames.  A few minutes later I decided on a different photo set, one with the pack on.

Hike on and becareful...

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Chuck said...

Nice Pic!