Friday, June 13, 2014


Somewhere between Punch Bowl shelter and Hog Camp Gap is the 800 mile mark.  This morning I came across a monument made of stones celebrating the achievement or milestone.  I can't say this journey is easy.  I can say it is worthy of leaving what I left behind to do it.

Now 800 seems like a big number and indeed it is.  However, it's just a number.  The 100 mile marker was huge for me as I've never hiked a hike that long.  600 was another huge number for me as it's close the maximum number of miles I've hiked in a given year.

Other numbers I am looking forward to include the 1000 and 1500.  I may as well throw in 2187.odd as that's the Appalachian Trail's measurement for this year.

I'm hitting a 20 plus today and got an early start only to be derailed by wanting to add to a short post. Written June 10 and 11.  I came across a cooler of drinks & as I wrote a note of thanks to the provider, a 2012 thru-hiker, he and his wife showed up with a cooler of goodies like moon pies, granola bars, and chocolates.  We chatted a moment.  I asked, what would you do differently.  His reply, look around and enjoy what you hike through.

PS sunrise through Hog Camp Gap was stunning after the wind and rain storm last night.  What made last night so cool.was the light show in the clowds.  The lighting flashed above the trees which made a hand puppet show like no other.  The claps of thunder, immediate, like an audience giving praise.

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