Monday, June 09, 2014

Dragon's Tooth

I kept thinking when am I going to pull myself up the rocks leading to the monolith know as Dragon's Tooth.  I pondered this as the day had been fairly even on rocky ridges all day in between forest duff which is easy on the feet.  I caught a sign saying the monolith was close by.  The forest opened up and there it was in the clearing.

It was the route down that caused issues.  Here's the Maine Sisters looking down one of many different problems.

In the selfie, I'm sitting near the top of the Dragon's Tooth, an easy class 4  scramble up the backside.

The final picture the branches should be on the right side.  I'm hoping the auto rotate works.  This is the Dragon's Tooth.

Hike on and watch were you place your feet...

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