Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just a Bear

After lunch, I'm chatting with another hiker about why's he on the trail.  He's in the middle of the stroy of how he and his girlfriend hadn't backpacked before coming to the AT when I hear something big, real big a head of us.  I shout out bear!  The before us near the top of the forest canopy a bear slides down a tree but 10 yards from us.  This bear is bigger then any either of us had seen along the trail.

Seeing cinamon claws and snoot, the paws were jet black.  The bear came down the tree so fast we couldn't get our hands on our cameras.  The body of the bear was hid by the tree itself.  This buggers disappeared into the under brush just as fast.

We stare at each other in disbelief as to what just happened.  A few minutes later the others from lunch join us as we recount the fireman's pole sliding bear.

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