Sunday, June 22, 2014


I'm not sure if I'm the luckiest guy, the dumbest, or just the right guy.  I've paced out with the Maine Sisters for the last month or so and recently we've picked up J-Rex as a we hit Shenandoah.

J-Rex's been off for a while and didn't want to skip a head to rejoin her bubble.  Family matters and an illness took her away for the while.  I met her previously a while back in a trail town.  We caught her at Calf Mountain Hut (shelter).

I can't remember when or where I picked up with the Laura and April, the Maine Sisters.  I noticed one day we were leap froging and camping at the same spot.  They are sisters whose family didn't want the younger to hike alone.  Things worked out for them both to hike together.  They split the team gear by weight and bulk.  They're all about team work throughout the day.  Laura is called the Navigator, as she makes the hiking plan for the day.  April is Toots, no explaining needed.

The miles we are doing daily will keep us together for a while and at the 15 to 20 mile average , we'll hit Mount Katahdin in mid September.  It's great to be will the same folks day after day.

It's great to have companions like the sisters as I often hike alone, I have someone to camp around.  If I leave at the same time they do we will hike at the same pace and would be within a hundred yards of each other.  I try to leave separate time.  Eventually, I catch them in the mid-day.

Hiking/camping companions make the mikes easy.  I am also seeing others through out the weeks that I hike with.

Hike on.  Hike friendly...

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