Sunday, June 22, 2014


I've hopped up on my old boulder to write this entry.  Yesterday I made big miles to make today short on hiking.  I wanted to trip down memory lane.

The bears nor the weather bothered me last night.  This morning as I stitched up my britches, Ireland made comment about getting breakfast and that it was open 'til 10:30 am.  I made quick on the repair knowing it'd need only to last two days before I could replace 'em.

I dumped a little water, carrying only a litter.  I made good time catching Ireland and another hiker.  Before long familiar territory came to view and the horse stables.  Being a purist, I stuck to the AT instead of taking the maintenance road over.

The view, the lodge, the gift shop, all unchanged.  I dumped my pack next to Bud's, he'd left before 6am, and walked right in not waiting to be seated.  I then grabbed a quick wash.

The server inquired about my hike as she brought me coffee.  I loaded up on the breakfast buffet, 3 plates of french toast went down my way.  Ireland arrived ten minutes later.  We kept the server in good conversation as with other guests.  Our smell awful, our conversations informative.

After breakfast, the other hikers departed.  I headed down the the ampitheater and conference center.  Nothing's changed except some more wear and tear without repair.  Without repair is a common theme I am seeing in all government managed areas, which is sad.  Our Park system is our greatest gift to our future generations and they are falling apart with no hope of the same glory they enjoyed in decades past.

The wind teases the trees.  Employees on break talk just around the bend.  Music pours out of the open kitchen windows.  Who are the kids working this season?  Who are the regular local employees?  Who are the guests today, the week, this season?  Where will they be next?

My thoughts?  This is the last place I stopped before I headed into full time missionary work with YWAM-Mercy Ships.  Walking over to the ampitheater where I did the weekly ACMNP church service, I recalled giving simple messages around the greatness of God, a creator.  I recalled sitting on this rock preparing for those messages.

I'm here making new memories.  I here for a different purpose.  I'm a thru-hiker.  I do desire something greater in my life.  I do desire to be apart of something bigger then my life.

Memory lane, it's not a street to live on.  It's a street to help one remember what great things were done in the past to be a facilitator for greater things for the future.

Hike on.  Hike...

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