Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 3

"Everything will be wet.  Deal with it," someone had posted to a forum online concerning the AT.  I woke this morning to everything wet either by humidity or rain.  I wonder if tonight will be more of the same or will I get a reprieve.

Wet also equates to weight.  Weight equates to fewer miles.  Fewer miles equates to less time in town tomorrow.  I'm hoping to nero through into Waynesboro VA and get into the park I never saw while I worked there 22 years ago.  That's a whole different story.

As I hiked on through out this day, the mist held on into noon thirty.  At times it was dark as if a storm held back.  The rocks however remained slippery all day long.

As I set up, I believe, it's gona be wet again.

Atleast with the rain the bugs aren't as bad.  It kinda chases them away for a while.

I tossed my gear into the shelter to pack.  Only Ireland and I were present for last night.  I'd heard a limb crash down and glade to see it didn't find him.  The rain, I thought would surely make the creek swell and as I looked over it hadn't.

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