Monday, April 14, 2014

Zero Day

After pushing for the last few days, I called it at day off.  I'd like to say it's because of the weather but, that's due to hit tomorrow.  I called it.

I took time to review my gear and realized my ruck is failing on the shoulder straps.  My hiker buddies and I went looking for outfitters in Hiawassee.  There aren't any in this hiker town.  I spent some time sowing.  I did order a pack from REI while I had service.  T-mobile doesn't have much coverage here.

Yesterday, I came down from Tray Mountain, a 10 mile hike, the shortest yet.  Gamer and I got an easy ride into the Blueberry Patch Hostel.  The world's greatest hiker palace.  Gary & Lennie are great hosts, with a bunk house that sleeps 12.  They offer a complementary breakfast in the morning.  Totally worth the hike in.

Tonight I'm at Top of Georgia Hostel.  It's a new place off the trail.  It's run by a former thru-hiker and guide.  The luxury here is the marble & hot water foot bath.

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Chuck said...

I'm sitting in my cubicle again today. Catching up on emails and answering my phone. Trying to keep up with the work that keeps piling up on my desk. Oh to be out hiking again. Enjoy.