Thursday, April 10, 2014

Springer Mountain

Climbing up the stairs at Amicacola Falls, I thought my legs would give way.  The weather none to beat.  I tried to keep up with a couple college kids which proved useless.  I fell in step with Gentleman Jim, a second timer, Preacher from FL, and Chicken Feathers.

The last shot up to Springer Mountain I kept to my own pace.  A few others were at the second plaque.  I went to the primary with the first white blaze.  The moment emotional.  I've planned this hike for 4 years and wanted to start last year.  Today it's real.  I paused a moment to ask for the Lord's blessing on this journey.  I ask for safety and guidance.  I ask that I may grow deeper in faith as I struggle.

Last night I stayed at Stover Creek shelter with 7 others on the deck, 2 up stairs and several other in tents/hamocks.  The comeradery is nice to learn where folks are at in life and to pick up tips on what is helpful along the AT.  The down side, snores,  someone cut wood with a chain saw

Today, I climbed Sassafras Mountain.  I'm at Gooch Mountain tonight.  Another full shelter and the tent sites filling.  I don't see Preacher, I hope he makes it before dark.  All the others are here lest the German boys.

Time for dinner.
Hike strong...

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