Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Final Night

T'was the night before leaving & all.thru the house...

Nah, didn't like the original poem, even as a tot.  I will say exhaustion is slowed me down to where at this late hour I wanted to keep moving and gettin'r done.  Nope, busted out all day finalizing 6 resupply drops, cleaning the whole house, seam sealing the Lunar Solo tent, and heading to the folk's house for dinner.

Surprisingly Joker wasn't his creative self.  I think he knows I'm headed out.  I enjoy sitting around my folks place, open windows let one visit the great outdoors without being exposed to it.  It's a common mistake to let the beauty fool one.  This week's weather is unusually active, snow, rain, and Sun.  Even the Joker didn't know what to make of it.

I've kept watch on the weather with envy as the last minute prep gets taken care if.  By the time I hit Georgia I'll be one or more weeks without training.  The first few days are going to suck for that reason.  At the same time it'll be great as going slow to get into shape will be time to meet other hikers.

Did I just say suck?  Let me hit my three levels of suck.
   1). It sucks but us fun.
   2). It sucks now but will be fun to talk about later.
   3). It sucks so bad it sucks to talk about the suck.

On the flip side levels of enjoyment.
   1. It's so great that there's hardly anything to retain a memory value
   2. Something happened along the way that made things interestingly enjoyable.  This has strong memory value.
   3. It's taken work to get the point of enjoyment.  This level has highest memory value.

I'm sure I have all of these, some times in the same day.  Without these ups and downs where'd the story be?  A common thread is the AT but it can be linked into other areas.

I think my mind is sharpening but my body is saying other wise.

Closing ponder this, which books are the funnest to read, those with a lot of little chapters or those with a few long chapters?

Hike on...

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