Thursday, April 10, 2014


Arriving during one of Atlanta's worse down pours, I kept thinking, why this rain?  My ride was delayed by it.  The departing train, too.

My ride, treated me to a shower at her place, and a quick run to the grocery store.

We made our way to Amicalola State Park, the beginning of the Approach Trail.  After signing in at the lodge she dropped me at a campsite.

I pitched my tent, threw stuff in, and went for a wander.  I descended the stairs back to the visitor's center.  I'd registered a few moments earlier as Thru-hiker 1044.  I read the registry for a bit, 2 other hikers are from Utah.

I'm chilling out in the lodge while my phone charges and I rest up from 3 1/2 days of travel.

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