Thursday, April 17, 2014

100 Miler

A very cold night under my belt with my quilt is an accomplishment.  It wasn't fun even with 7 in a 6 person shelter.  Everyone was in their bags before sundown.  It was freezing with blowing snow.  By morning, it was clear and just as cold.  My thermometer read below 30 as the shuffle began.

I took a slow start and worked into a bit faster through out the day.  Two big accomplishments happened thus day.  First, I climbed Mount Albert with it's steep rocky ascent.  The second, us as I crested I became a 100 Miler.  Reaching this is huge.  I've never hiked this far over thus length of time.  I've been on the trail now 11 days.

I'm replotting my next few days as I need to pace the post office on Monday.  If I push I could get to Bryson on Saturday.  The stresses of my days.  At the PO awaits a new pack.  I'm nursing my current one along.  Both shoulder straps are showing wear at the upper connection.

I'm camped at Long Branch shelter where the temp us abiut 20 degree warmer then last night.  The same group I was with last night is mostly here some pushed form Franklin.

If I could compare my trail experience, I couldn't.  Nothing compares to waking cold at night, changing clothes in mixed company, meeting people of all walks of life, and hiking with different folks every day.  Let's not forget the miles of beauty under foot, the weight of 35lbs being with me everywhere I go.

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Chuck said...

35 pounds! You packed well!