Monday, April 21, 2014

Wayah Bald

Knowing I wanted an early start I sacked out on the motel room's floor while the gang all sat in the parking lot eating Vino's pizza and swapping trail stories.

I quietly got up and pulled my stuff together.  I went up on Main st in search of coffee.  Why go chain store coffee when Ma & Pa stores need support to.  Had a great cup before returning to catch the shuttle up to the Winding Stairs jump off point.

I made good time up the mountain.  I enjoyed passing weekenders.  Someone pointed out Silver Bald for views.  I dropped the ruck and made the detour.  The view was worthy of the detour.

Next in the adventure is a mysterious forest covered in three kinds of moss and spooky with many not quiet alive trees.  I loved it.  Movie producers this area would make a neat location.

I came up and over Wayah Bald and the tower.  With rain moving in I didn't stay long for checking out the views.  Just less then a mile away is my sanctuary in the woods with views to match.  I got here just before the rain moved in.

I thought a bit about spiritual disciplines as I hiked today.  One of them being scripture reading.  Once a daily habit, I want to revive it for the trail.  Once at the shelter, I pulled out my Bible and read a while.  I want the reader to know that I consider myself spiritual not hardcore religious though I do subscribe to the tenants of the Christian faith.  This Sunday is Easter, a service I like to attend however I'm in the woods of North Carolina.

Now as I've been sheltered up for a few hours.  Hikers are now just arriving.  It's filling up as the rain falls gently.  I'm getting hungry.

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