Monday, April 21, 2014


It doesn't mater where I get to on a daily basis there are people who know each other and occasionally a new person or two.  It seems like the last few days I've been in a new group every shelter.  Hikers tend to take up the majority as the weekenders tend to camp.

Hikers have their own tricks for shelters.  Mine is to throw down my footprint as a base for my bed.  This covers leaky floorboards and dirt.  Others will inflate their pads.  Quite a few follow similar chore patterns of stake a claim, get water, bs, make dinner, and do some journaling.

Today's covered ground began with rain.  The shelter shuffle began an hour late.  No one wanted to face the rain.  We began to roll all 7 in a 6 man spot. The Indian brothers made oatmeal. It was time to go.

I took to the trail first.  The view out the shelter included a lot of trees otherwise seeing rolling fog in the valleys below were mind blowing.  By the the time I found a good over look the show dissipated.

It hit the next shelter at noon and chose to push on.  The day warmed a little and I shed my layers but kept the rain shell close.

I hit Wesser Bald as the rain came back.  Had the chill not set in, I'd spend more time up on the tower.

I arrived at the Wesser Bald shelter as a family set around debating to stay or go on to Rufus Morgan shelter.  Their son brought water.  They decided to go as other thru-hikers arrived.  They passed the water around.

The rain continues to dodge the sky.  I've settled in for the day around 3:30.  The group I passed at the last gap with a road is here for the night.  I cut into a stick of pepperoni to share.  This group seems a lot of fun.

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