Friday, April 25, 2014


Getting up and going after listening to mice run around and the crackling of coals burning down last night was pretty easy.  The shuffle only included 4 people and three renters.  Not a bit chilly.  Escaping the mice is great.  Last night was the only time they bothered me.

Going up and over the ridge I thought would include views.  The woods were a light with morning glow.  Dropping over the canopy, bright.

My mind went over my pack's contents.  I need to loose weight somewhere.  48 lbs is weighing me down.  Today my back with the wrong pack began to ache.  My legs are in shape.  My arms are use to pulling me up and over.  My arms are also slowing my descent.  Do I send gear home? Nope.  Do I send clothes ahead? Nope, the Smokies are hours away with there unpredictable weather.  I think I just need rethink my food.

Coming down through the woods I also pondered how do I capture the steppness of mountain?  The only set of extended steps, I turned for the photo.

An hour later I arrived at the Fontana Hilton.  This shelter sleeps 20, has flush toilets, showers, and a few other anemities (sp).  I've chilled most the day, catching up with other thru-hikers.

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