Friday, April 25, 2014


The fire burned just inside the shelter most the night.  Everything smelt of smoke.  I swore I smelt bacon all morning.  14 people doing the shelter shuffle was interesting. Some intended to get out early, others wanted to push for Fontana Dam.

I loaded up the new pack pondering how the load would carry.  I found out soon enough.  Not good.  On an off chance I reached for my phone and called REI.  I got in.  Indeed they had sent the wrong size.  The rep made a good effort to get the right on sent over night.  Okay not over night but definitely before I get into the Smokies.  With the bad carry my other option would be to head back to the outfitters at the NOC.

Today's terrain started on ridges.  The views were great.  After going up Jacob's Ladder things changed to crossing over the top of many hollows.  Ridges all came with rocky down hills. 

Cable Gap shelter is located in one of these.  Only a handful of hikers are here.  We are enjoying another fire, not in the shelter and no threat of rain. 

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