Saturday, April 05, 2014

More Train Riding

I woke to a stunning sunrise over Iowa.  My pillow, my shoes.  My blanket, my jacket.  I decided to call it early after a busy day of site seeing through the Rockies.  I chilled with a few slightly off people of interesting characters.  One a gal who drew graphic novels darker the Dark Horse Comics (I'm glad she didn't have a sample).  Another a Vietnam Vet proudly being part of the only parachute drop in 'Nam.  A third of note a retired educator making plans to teach in southern India.  The landscape of the Rockies will make this slight devastation worthy of making the recommendation - do the train to Denver if only to do it for the views.

This day would be more site seeing.  I immediately began counting deer and wild turkeys.  I noticed also the lack of tags on train side buildings.  The tags I did see were of sucky quality, I'm thinking the farm boys need some education on how to do this form of vandalism (I don't endorse any kind of vandalism).  Every town we passed were of country music description.  I couldn't imagine which town George Jones, Miranda Lambert, or Trace Adkins meant in their music.  I'd recommend the train & GPS unit if you're a 'picker' and looking to score on old cars/trucks to renovate.  This section of the country is right out of 'American Pickers' and country music.

We got into Chicago near two hours late.  I did want to head out for a quick walk about.  I scored on some CVS groceries.  In all my prep, I for got train ride meals, arugh.  Late into Chicago & on time leaving on a very full train.  I hope folks don't discover the lounge car, currently empty with a setting Sun over the American Heartland.

On towards DC.  I'll update after leaving the American Capital.

Ride on & hike on...

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Chuck said...

Sweet way to get to the AT!