Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wooded Zero

The deafening roar of rain on a tin shelter roof is the music I listen to right now, 9 am.  I put in a 22 mile day to get within half a day's hike from my next resupply point, Hanover.  The forecast called for 3 to 5 inches of rain in the next day, which is today.  I took full advantage of the smooth mud free trail from Stony Brook to Thistle Mountain.

Last night, there were 5 hikers staying.  One needed to push on weather depending or not.  Two others decided to go in spite of the rain.  I lay back thinking in need coffee but, will settle for tea since I ran out of coffee a few days ago.  The last fellow hiker lays on his mat reading his kindle.

Puddles form at the roof's drip line.  I ponder if there are hikers on the trail bound for this shelter or if they'll deli blaze and stay at a barn near the convenience store where the farmer let's hikers stay.  There is one other older shelter that hikers may detour to about 2 miles back from where I'm at.

The rain continued to pour down until 6:30.  Since then the water's been dripping off the trees.   Tomorrow should be good Vermud hiking into New Hampshire.

As the day progressed the few hikers that came through stayed.  Three SoBo's came in.  Two of them married were excited when they crossed paths with their friend from earlier up north.  Most had stopped for a break and stayed.  Four NoBo's I've hiked with the last week planned to stay at this place.  The NoBo's stayed at the red barn on VT 12 last night.

As folks came in with wet gear, drying lines began to criss cross the front of the shelter.  At one point the lines looked like a yard sale.

We are 8 in the shelter.  The shelter shuffle began hours ago as dinner and snacks came out, hot water boiled, and some shared goodies.  The one drippy spot is on the foot of my hammock, arugh.  I hope the morning shuffle will go quickly.

At this point in my hike, the saying "No rain, no pain, no Maine" holds little meaning as I can take a break for weather.


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