Wednesday, August 06, 2014


The rain of last week refreshed the mud on the other side of the border.  My feet slipped not on mud but on rock in MA.  In MA majority of slippery rock is marble based.  The MA/VT border, marked by welcome to the Long Trail, brought a sticky rock that is slip resistant.  I pushed myself through the mud looking for the slip resistant rocks even on the downhill.

I can't say much is changing since I got into Vermont.  My attitude is focused on doing miles.  My mind does wander to what will the end bring.  My MP3 player died and I replaced it with a cheap radio.  I miss listening to worship music.  I can picture the worship leader, Josh, at City Church getting excited on Sunday morning when I cranked to one of the albums loaded.  For now, I'll listen to the air waves.

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