Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The White's

I've arrived at one of the last great challenges of the AT.  This is also one of the greatest sections.  This is the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

On Aug 18 I got a taste of them with a slack pack over Mount Moosilaki, okay my spelling is off.  The day began from Hikers Welcome Hostel with breakfast and loading into cars.  I hiked with Conductor, Blood Cookie, and Jolley Green Giant.  These three I've stayed and hiked with over the last few weeks.

We went to the North side to hike back to the hostel.  Up a rain slicked trail we followed a water fall.  Steeper then what I want to come down with a pack. The guys spread out with the pace and soon I was listening to my own steps.

As I climbed, I met NoBo's with packs on.  Several of whom I haven't seen for quite a while.  One can oftentimes be half a day away from someone for weeks and never know it.

Nearing the top, the trees got shorter and denser.  I tugged on my hat and made ready for the cold wind.  The clouds hadn't broken yet for the day.  I took a hit as the wind bit into my face.  Visablity, but a few hundred feet, carins built to be seen, stood in the mist.

Nearing the top, rock walled wind pits held shelter against the bitterness.  I hunkered down for a few minutes with two others hopping the clouds would break and the view open up.  After half an hour I gave up and pushed on.

The way down, just as steep and slick as the way up.  Shortly after making the tree line, I took off the rain gear I used to block the wind.  A few minutes later the sky cleared.  I'd have to see someone else's photos for the view.  I wasn't going to go back up.

Carefully, I picked my way down.  Past other hikers, I could see why after passing so many NoBo's, the SoBo's grunt at us.  There's a lot of people going North.

At the roadway I walked back to the hostel to wrap up a few chores and kick back with other guests.

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