Saturday, August 02, 2014


Some folks on the trail are the folks who keep the trail moving, be they hikers or not. Over the last few days I've met two of the lesser known but more famous.  They both started out by doing something good for a hiker and word spread.

Yesterday, I met the Cookie Lady.  She's been serving fresh cookies to hikers for twenty-five years.  Her place is on a little road crossing next to a cultivated blue berry patch.  Her cookies are a treat and a treasure after a good long day.  She also let's thru-hikers camp on her property.

Today, Tom L, in Dalton MA.  He's on a quiet street just in town and let's thru-hikers camp in his yard.  When I mean quiet, I mean keep the conversations to a whisper.  He'll let hikers borrow a bike to run for errands for showers, library, and a variety of restaurants.  In '79 he let a hiker stay in his yard, the next three more showed up.

Some of the more boisterous trail movers include Miss Janet and Baltimore Jack.  I met both down in TN.  These two follow the bubble up the trail.  Miss Janet's van is easily recognized by the many AT stickers.  She'll shuttle hikers around or help them find services in weird locations.  Baltimore Jack is an expert on who what where and when of the trail.  If you need advice on hiking he's the go to.  Both, however, if you see then at Trail Days let them come to you for they are so well known they can suffer from celebrity over load.

Movers on the trail.  These four are but a small percentage of folks who help the hikers move up and down the AT.  Thousands of others could easily be highlighted as well.  My appreciation goes out to everyone I've met.

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