Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Mount Greylock

Knowing a fellow hiker's family was going to do trail magic on MA's highest peak, Mount Greylock, I made sure I got there.  I hustled up from Dalton where I crashed on Tom L's lawn.

I got up to early, so I paid for an over priced burger and an ice cream.  SoBo's and NoBo's are mixing and somehow a lot of weekenders as well.  Stories floowed around outside on the grass.

Something caught my eye and I  investigated.  The eastern side opened up to a drop and good wind.  Para-sails and hang gliders littered the field.  Several guys watched the wind at various points.

I saw Pig Pen, a fellow hiker from my first month on the trail.  He got off in southern VA to tend to matters at home.  He's back on the trail picking up different sections.

Eventually the sun kicked up a few strong thermals for the fliers to take to the air.  I watched in awe.  In Utah, we have Point of the Mountain State Air Park with regular cycles daily.  Here there's only a few good days of flight.

The family did come.  They did have plenty of fresh fruit and cheap sodas.  15 odd hikers enjoyed the efforts.

I moved on down an old ski cut, now hiking trail.

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Chuck said...

Trail magic...I like that!