Tuesday, July 22, 2014


What did I get for my birthday?  Lemons.  Okay, not exactly.  I did squeeze myself through the rock formation known as the 'lemon squeezer'. This is a bit of New York ridge line rock that instead of being routed around or over one is routed into.  There is a bypass for the faint at heart or to fat.  Yes, I said to fat.  With my pack I wanted to try it though I'm close go being to big for this narrow cleft of rock passage.  I barely fit.  I managed to get through the split in the mountain.  Every opportunity like this is preparing the NoBo for what's a head.

My day began out with a little over night rain and a weekender wishing me happy birthday.  His greeting spawned a chorus of similar greetings from other campers.  One (as on one of the herd) brought down a Little Debbie's snack cake.  Jade, Steady, and One sang.  I danced.  No candle to blow out.

The rain left some wetness around.  It gave me a chance to try out the new kicks on wet rock without being in a bad spot.  Yesterday as I got to NY 17a, I set down and no sooner had I pulled out my trail guide two cars pull over.  That's fast and I didn't even hang my thumb out.  The lady I spoke with asked me a few hiker questions on why I wanted to get into Campmor.  She replied there was a shoes store in Warwick.  Soon I was on my to renewed trail comfort but first a detour past the ice cream shop.

Where will I be next year is anyone's guess.

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Chuck said...

Happy Birthday!!!