Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A New Segment

As with Damascus' Trail Days I am seeing a New bubble of hikers.  I am either in between groups or more hikers are dropping out. 

Today, I called it short.  I didn't want to push my knee.  I did pass up going into two shelters just off the trail.  On a typical day I'll swing into read the shelter logs.  I hiked just over 15 miles including 1 mile of road walking to get back to the trail from the hostel.

The terrain, mellow.  The rock, well, in the way on the tread.  Rocks slow me down when I need to, err, want to look around without stopping.  Water sources, good.  Historical value, high.  In the region I now walk the Civil War ragged with the intensity of World Cup and strategy of chess masters.

I'm camping at a place called Dahlgren Backcountry Campground.  Don't let the name for you, its right off a road just out if sight.  Showers, electricit, and T-Mobile service.  The last one is nice for a change.

I'm camping here are a few other hikers I've met in the last few days:  O-Positive, Catch Up, and Sprout.  I've stayed with Sprout in before the Shenandoah's.  A few other hikers held up here during the day's heat and just headed out as I drowned a mug of noodles with garlic salt.

I ponder where the next mixer will be?  I acknowledge life on the trail is much like life at home.  There's a mix of seasons, mix of drama, mix of strengthening.

I've noticed a few shelters are missing log books.  I am also skipping Shelton that are a distance from the trail so I might just be fooling myself that so many folks are off the trail but, as I talk with SoBo's and day hikers I get the impression that there are truly fewer and fewer NoBo's.

Hike on...


Chuck said...

How much longer until you start crossing paths with southbounders?

Brian Jaworski said...

I've seen a couple of south bound section hikers but it'll be another two weeks atleast before the SoBo crowd shows up.

Brian Jaworski said...

Hey Chuck,
It'll be another two weeks or so. They typically start first part of June.

Chuck said...

Nice, that should make for some nice conversations over lunch or suppers.