Saturday, July 19, 2014


I'm not sure if New Jersey is trying to be like Pennsylvania for the rocks or Georgia for the forested trails. NJ is its own state with its own variety.

One of the first things I noticed is, it's not flat.  This region has rolling forested hills.  There are stretches of ridge lines covered with scrub oak and berries of many kinds.

I do enjoy the many flat lands of Jersey.  Just off the Murray property the trail dives deep into some marsh lands.  The Jersey boardwalks may be a hit with those on the beach but few will take shelter and makeout under these unless you're a frog or snake.  These boardwalks are but planks on logs to keep an open path.  One could say the rocks of PA give way to the boardwalks of Jersey.  Without these awesome planks Jersey would be the new word for suck.  I did find the marshes mystical in a neat way.

Another thing I noticed is of the few people I've met, no one knows where they are at.  When I ask how much further to the next landmark the folks want to know where I am going first.  This is slightly annoying as I've just told them the next landmark.  Is this a Jersey thing?

Well this is one of the smaller states I visit and I won't be able to give much of a report on it beyond, this isn't Jersey Shores the TV show.  Expect the rocks of PA to make one last feeble attempt to destroy the shoes, know where you're at, and eat hearty on the berries.

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