Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Logistical Nightmare

In Damascus I sent myself a resupply box -aka bounce box- a head to a town that was listed as poor resupply.  I had some basic get me up the trail stuff, snacks, and lunches.

Well I ended up with to much in my food inventory the day I passed through that small town and didn't stop, figuring they could just forward the package. I made the call the next time I got phone service.  Side note T-Mobile sucks on the lower half of the AT.

Since the initial call I'very made over 4 calls and got no where.  The person whom I've spoken to never provided options or showed knowledge on how to forward a hiker's bounce box.

Today, when I called, I expressed my frustration and told her I will be calling the Better Business Bureau.  All of a sudden I got a rebuttal, 'You can't do that, you'll never get your package.' The lady then started providing me options on how to get it.

This issue is now 5 weeks in the making.  I will be sending the correct amount via check made out to the postmaster.  I've learned not to send packages a head without first calling the business to find out what their mail holding policy I'd for hikers. 

I hope to see this issue resolved soon.  As a professional customer service representative, I find it appalling that it's taken more then two calls for a resolution.  Typically, it should be the consumer calling to say there is an issue and the second call by the CSR saying the issue is resolved.

PS.  Once my package is in hand, I'll fill in the town and business name.  Depending on the timeliness ist report then to the editor of the guide book I use and to the BBB of their town.

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