Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Here You Go

In the last few days I can't believe the number of times people have just given me something I needed, without asking.

I passed thru Pen Mar State Park.  A couple of day hikers I passed earlier in the day came over with a paper grocery sack full of fresh picked cherries.  The hiker I'm with and I dive into them, even filling quart sized bags at their urging.  Later, these ladies pass the bag around to other hikers.  Fresh fruit is something we seldom see when hiking and oftentimes the first thing we reach for when offered.

I head up to look for an electric outlet while at Pen Mar.  I didn't find one.  A lady sitting on a park bench ask me and a different hiker if we are hungry.  I respond, I can be.  We fill our bellies with picnic leftovers.

A different day, on another part of the trail, someone gives me a bag of chips.  This supplements my lunch for the day.

At some random over look just north of the Bear's Den Hostel, I'm hiking with Oregon and his gal Little Bit, two ladies on a day hike happen to bring up lunch just for hikers to this spot.

I've got other trail magic stories to say.  I wrap it up this way, I haven't cooked dinner for three days now.  I am amazed by this culture of giving that I am seeing and experiencing.

PS someone gave me two packets of Starbucks Viva at this shelter after I mentioned I robbed a future day's ration of its coffee.

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