Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earth Jam

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Earth Jam is more then a bunch of tree huggin' hippies getting together to have fun. It's about meeting people. It's about sharing ideas. It's about a lot of things. One could fill in their own blank here.

For me it's a chance to get outside on a gorgeous spring day to take random photographs of people in an unstructured environment. Along the way also meet new friends, reacquaint myself with old friends, and of course share an image or more of those I meet.

Seldom at the 'Love In's' like Earth Jam do I meet shy people who turn away at the first sight of a photographer. More often then not people want their picture taken. A free spirit doubled back on me after hearing the click. She quickly told me to take more pictures.

This lady I passed and seeing her style while walking her dog, I asked may I take your picture holding your dog? She let me. She is the first in a long string of people I asked throughout the afternoon and evening if I could take their photo.

I am wading through the 500 images this evening and will be on into tomorrow. I did give out a few business cards. I did mark a lot of photos after sharing them. I have not forgotten you I am wanting to make sure these images are mind blowing or at least above my own expectations when I post them for you. I am doing this for you.

If you read the post before this one on MS Utah, I wanted to post out of human interest factor not via the rules I shoot by. I like to shoot by the rules of composition, interest, exposure, and focus. Sometimes I bend them because I said I'd post a specific image and later see it does not meet my own criteria.

Before I close I do want to thank everyone whom my lens fell upon. I take away more then captured photons, I see a reflection of life. I return to you the aurora of yourself.

For the photo geeks like myself, I shot aperture priority with an SB-400 flash set to minus 2 out put as a fill in flash. I don't recall the shutter speed or ISO figures at this time. I do try to preserve my exif data, so take a look at the additional info on flickr. Some images are cropped and have minor adjustments.

I do use open source software. This does not mean that my images are free. At events like this I love to share openly so if you are in the image or know those who are then do get a copy. If you use the image please link back to PreyingJaws(dot)com and let me know where the image/link is being show. I enjoy seeing where my images go.

Later with the Best.

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