Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drivin' Moab

Drivin', originally uploaded by preyingjaws.
Miata Events, some folks will say it's about the cars, others will argue it's about the people. I must disagree with both of those. To me hangin' with the Miata Club of Utah is about the drivin.' Most folks we talked to as a group would exclaim, why Moab it's (insert off road here) territory. The general consensus reply, is have you driven the region, the roads are fun and the scenery amazing.

I took the opportunity recently to join my Dad for a preview/recon trip to Moab Utah. This quick trip was to double check the mileage, check on any detours, and make final arrangements for Miata's in Moab IV May 14-16, 2010.

For me and my Dad it's about hangin' out and hiking a few trails. We hit Delicate Arch during a busy time of day. We hiked into Corona Arch to check a few spots he thought may be of concern. And we joined in on the drivin.'

When you head south to Utah's Canyon Country, I'll tell ya up front there isn't any shade so watch yourself for exposure. Drink up on the water. I'm an avid hiker and this did catch me off guard even ridin' in a fun car.

Here's the links for the event which is rapidly approaching.
Here's the link for the Utah Miata Club

Enjoy. Drive Safe. & Drink Up on the H2O.

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