Monday, July 31, 2017

PCT day 1, excited

I got up around late sunrise, packed, washed up, and went looking for coffee.  The lodge's restaurant didn't open until 8.  I sighed, resigned myself to poptarts, and headed out. 

 I traced the old hwy 99 to the PCT crossing, took a photo and headed down the easy dirt path.  Down is a misnomer, I went up, up, and up.  First landmark of the day Pilot Rock.  From the side I approached, not very assuming.  From the other side it looked like a climbers paradise.

At that point I met 2 weekenders.  These ladies and I would play leap frog for and while.  I'd loose them at the first spring.

The next spring had campsites and was 10 miles into my day.  By this point my feet screamed for mercy.  I sat with a 4 pack of starters.  These guys had the air of keep moving about them though from conversation great guys.  They skipped 200 miles of the Sierra's.  Most thru-hikers have.  Run off made small streams into screaming rivers.  Several hikes lost their lives this year, many more had close calls.  I rubbed my feet, filled my containers, and pressed on.

The next source is 7 miles at that point.  I chose to monitor myself and decided after 4 miles a broad grassy meadow looked enticing.  I stopped.  I lay back on a log for a break, fell asleep. Waking shortly thereafter, I looked around for around un-lumpy place.  

I  have plenty of water for the morning even after soaking Curry in a Hurry.  I laid out my tent to dry from the wet grass of last night.  I also laid out the quilt as condensation got the foot and head wet.  Long since dry, I ponder clear sky and meteors  shower with a potential inclusion of ground and grass insects or set the tent and advertise I'm 50 feet from the trail and not 200 as per leave no trace principles.  I've walked the meadow and this looks to be the most comfortable.

Limited cell service.  I did check the weather.  Ashland is climbing towards the 90's which means up here will be high 70's.  The temps suck energy from me.  I've given myself 4 days to reach Fish Lake.

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