Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 2, swim call

The ticks win.  I put myself under cover.  Slept with the tent zipped and in the sleeping bag liner most of the night.  Some deer pranced in the meadow during the late evening.

I was up to see several stars periodically yet, not brave enough to sleep out.  Ticks carry some nast stuff.  I'd rather see a bear than know ticks are present.  I woke around red sky time and got out by sun ray time.  The old saying of 'Red sky in morning take warning, red sky in evening take delight' no longer holds true with all the pollution we have.

3 miles to the pond.  Yup it's a pond.  A faucet looking thing is on the otherside.  Nope, it's a US Geological Survey marker.  Don't be fooled.  I have 2 and a bit litters so I'm pressing on to a seasonal spring 2 miles hence, else another creek 6 a head.  My use is 1 ltr per 4 miles, with 1/2 for a meal.  Hyatt Lake faucet beyond at 10 for me today.

The sound of I-5 came I to view as I rounded a contour.  I could see the distinct green roof of Callahan's.  Soon Ashland came to view.  And they were both gone.

It's 9.45 I take another break.  I'm  lulled by the sound design of Little Hyatt Lake spill way.  Jumping in sounds incredibly refreshing so does a beer at Hyatt Lake Resort 3 miles away. Choices, I don't see a path to a shower on either side.  I'll pass. I'm sure to jump into a lake further down.

I got to Hyatt Lake junction by 11.  Took a look a break at the spigot including a soak of the shirt an bandana, fore went the beer.  Met a fellow from Scotland north bounding.  He too skipped the Serras.  I keep mis-spelling that mountain range for some reason.

It's 1.30ish and taking it easy.  Apparently Oregon is experiencing a heat wave.  Monday is expected to be 100, arugh.  I've stopped for a view at mile 1744.  There is a short side trail for a view.  Not much of a view however, I can see two lakes and two giant volcanos from here.  A breeze in the trees draws my eyes to relax.  Actually time to Hike on.

I'm thinking water at Klum Landing and camping a mile or two beyond.  A 17 mile day from me.

Klum Landing is a around the bend to the right.  I went to Sugar Point group camp visible from the dirt road.  I dropped my pack at a three tent site off a dirt road about 3.30 pm, walked down, had a clothed swim to rinse all my sweat and dirt off.  I didn't rinse the socks.  I'll wash them in a day or two.  So far they aren't standing by themselves.  The feet look nasty as can be yet, not a sign of any blister or other abstract mess.  I have a bit of sorness in the right foot which som massaging takes care of.  This lake is rather large, Howard Prairie Lake.  I haven't lake swam in years, feels great to walk a bit without the pack.

While I'm waiting for clothes to dry, I'm looking at Guthook Hikes and Halfmile apps planning tomorrow.  I have a piped spring 5 miles down and South Brown Mountain shelter with piped spring 8 miles beyond.  Fish Lake therefore is 10 miles beyond with no water in between.  Today wasn't an issue with long stretches without water.  I should have plenty and still be fine.  I just looked at today's map I stuffed it in a semi-detached pocket, it'll last tomorrow (Oregon Section B page 5 & 6).  Write in rain, yes but not very durable when moistened.

Last night ticks, tonight ants.  I can deal with ants, except the kind that bite.  5.20 no other hikers, I doubt they show until just before dark.  This campsite is on a quick dirt road.  Thankfully this is a weekday else I'd move on.  It's surprisingly clean for how close it is to a major county road, weekend partiers haven't found it.

I read 'Faith Based Travels' by Nicki Jefferies on my kindle app.  I Glace at the PCT everytime I hear a stepping sound or click of what may be a hiking staff.  Nothing, I watched a doe in a near by cluster of trees.  I set my tent so I could un-pack.  Also the tent supports my quilt.  It's important to air out the sleeping quilts/bags if one sleeps in single walled structures like I do, condensation drips on to foot and head I'd not vented well. I got bored.  Will anyone join me tonight?  If so when? If not so what, by myself is fine and I don't need to worry about being loud when I leave.

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