Thursday, January 14, 2010

YWAM Manoa

YWAM Manoa Sign Post, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

I'm feeling a little sentimentality today. I do have multiple routes of social networks in place and one of my old shipmates contacted me through one of them. This set me off kind of on a search to find others I knew. Together we sailed though Hawaii in 1999 so I feel justified in connecting YWAM to Mercy Ships this route.

This image is taken on my first digital camera a Canon Power Shot S 20. All of 3 mega pixels the little box actually produced several of my still most popular shots.

The Manoa Sign Post stands in the entry area to Youth With A Mission's Offices in Honolulu. Yes, I know the Manoa'ites may bite me for this but I want to keep it simple for those who do not know YWAMese.
YWAM is Christian organization where one of the many facets of the global organization focuses on developing the person in a wide range of aspects from personal relationships with God to providing training in community development. YWAM Manoa focuses on teaching a small group of individuals on one method of how to study the Bible.
For 4 months in 2002, I too, was one of the students. Taking 4 months to focus on studying the Bible in such an intimate setting with others of like mind helped instill in me a needed balance after the loss of my sister the year before. Studying was one of several highlights I had while working with the non-profit Mercy Ships.

For more info on YWAM Manoa please visit their website at

If you are interested in connecting with me via one of the social networks please send me an email with why you want to connect with me.

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