Monday, January 25, 2010

Coot Running on Water

Coot Running on Water, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

I finally got my bird of prey photo which one will need to visit my flickr page to see.
The picture that surprised me the most was a mistake. My camera settings were for a landscape I just turned away from when I heard this duck taking off. Instinctively I spun with camera to my eye and ripped a few frames.
Nothing special at the time when I chimped. I was about to delete the set but, I didn't quite feel right about that. I reset my settings to aperture priority, wide open (with a standard zoom wide open can mean different f stops at different focal lengths).
Getting back home to the PC I see in a series I captured this fowl, a coot, not taking off but running to a different section of the canal. With a little bit of simple adjustments this image really takes off. I may re-crop this image to post on deviantArt prints. If I do so it will show in the deviantArt sidebar.

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