Saturday, March 03, 2007



I know that getting things moving again isn't easy. I'm irritated. I'm pissed. I'm devistated. A vast range of emotions are running through my heart right now. I got a call this morning about Micah Coleman. He died yesterday in surgery. He was in the process of getting a new liver. I am going through my images now to find pictures of him. I've pulled a few images. I don't have many. It's like an unwritten rule for photogs; you don't take pixs of other photogs unless the situation warrent it.

What I am irritated most of is with the death. I want to raise my fist at GOD. I want to know why must the young die. I can understand the death of old people. Old people's bodies are worn out. They have lived life. It's time for them to move on. What I don't get is for young people to die. I've known one to many young people who've gotten sick and died. Up and Died. WHY?

Cheif Dave told me the story of his late wife Gigi - the lady who was a thorn in my side while on the Caribbean Mercy ages ago - I also gave her great respect and helped her out when ever I could. It was said of Gigi if you needed a wedding dress tell her and a few hours later she'd bring it to you. Cheif, he told me that every day he had with her was grace. His daughter feared that she'd loose her mom before she was 10. Gigi died when her daughter was 12. Cheif Dave also spoke of the fallen world that we live it. God created it to be perfect. He formed it for a place for us to dwell. He gave us a choice. We made the wrong choice. Now the world is corrupt. God did prepare an eternal place for us who believe and trust in the Blood of the Christ for Salavation. Those of us who trust and believe will be with HIM in eternity. Yeah, I took that message Cheif gave me to my sister's bed side 6 years ago... I took that message to another friend's grave over the summer. I take that message today with Micah's passing. It doesn't comfort me right now.

I am going through the images he made availble on line. Of the events that we were at together there are a lot of similar pictures. Micah's pixs Kinda cool. I wish I could spend more time shooting a long side of him...

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