Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Shoes

I got new shoes today!
Okay? Snowshoes that is...
My old ones I've beat near to death. I've logged a hundred or close miles on them since getting them about this time last year. I broke down today to get a pair that would work well on both hard pack and powder. I find that going the extra mile gets me to the powder. The rest is hard pack.
Before heading out this morning, I did check the avalanche report, everthing should be sliding. Augh! Presently in the valley it is snowing and I've got to work the next few days. I hope I can find a little un-treaded trails on Sunday.
I found myself near the top of Granduer Peak on the north side of Mill Creek Canyon. Ah, wonderful, a clear day lots of scrub oak and animal tracks. I saw a small herd of deer on my way back down.

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