Sunday, February 25, 2007


I know that my God is a God of love and peace.

But when I read today's headlines I see people blowing themselves up. I can't figure it out...
Daily on Yahoo news there is more suicide bombers blowing up Mosques? Yes, terroists blowing up others of like belief. Hum?

Something is up here. I'm nervous...

I caught a special speaker last night at my church. The man is a former terrorist who became radically saved after a car accident a number of years ago. Today even while recieving numerous death threats each year he keeps speaking up...
I watched a video he promoted last night. I watched it today with my family and we talked about it. Yes, after seeing this video I am nervous. What I see is a radical way of life that is promoting killing yourself for peace. Huh? What gives? The speaker last night explained it is a way of life, a way of hatred that beings young.

Several of you know I've protested the first Gulf War and I've been to rallies since then. Some of you may not know that I've looked into Socialism and other philosophies of governance. I keep seeing in each of these something is missing.

What is missing is the human need of security. The ideologies I've looked into are not human, they miss a major point, the point of LOVE. When I'm not on my soap box of God as Holy, I do not pause to point out that because He is Holy, He shows it as LOVE.

I challange you to read up on this link. Browse it. Watch the trailers.
Obession the Movie

Yeah, I'm nervous. I really like my way of life. I like being able to worship my God of Heaven, and His only Son Jesus Christ, who died for ME, as I want. I like my life of freedom and the pursuit of debt and leasure. I like getting up into the mountians He created and I like gathering with others of like mind.

When this radicalism comes, I will not be able to participate in the activities I freely enjoy, nor will you...

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