Sunday, June 10, 2018

Wrap up

Exit days are a mix, sometimes I've got miles to crunch, others are lazzy.  This exit day fell into lazy.  I woke up rested, warm, refreshed.  The lower elevation, trees, and the wind dying out added to solid sleep.  I like to try to be up and gone in 15 minutes as a goal.  This being lazy, how does 25 minutes sound?

After packing, I boiled up some water for coffee, walked Duck Lake's beach before heading out.

I wandered to Weir Lake, down a side trail to Majorie Lake.  At Majorie Lake I fixed a mug of mint tea and played the guitar a while.  I really need to memorize some music.  I checked out a few spots near by before returning along the flooded trail.  Wet feet, suck it up, walk through the water.  The modern materials need no pampering like the boots of old.

I was back at the car by noon.  I had a lazy time.  What did I learn?  Keep the phone in a case.  I dropped it a few times too many.  Also a tent is warmer than sleeping under the stars but, I wouldn't exchange sleeping out under the stars when I can for a little warmth.

Hike on, Hike wise.

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