Sunday, June 10, 2018

OMG Stars

At hiker midnight (after sunset) I slipped into my quilt.  Still not dark, I rolled over.  When I tossed next the stars were casting shadows.  Several hours later the Milkyway Galaxy appeared.  I stared in wonder.  How can anyone choose a tent on a night like this? No wind, no moon.

Around the third watch of the night, 3 to 5 am, I got chilled.  I left the bag liner home, thtat would make a bit of a difference.  The quilt is 30 degree rated, meaning that's the low end comfort range.  I shrugged the chill off.

Day break came.  I didn't aim for 15 minutes to gone but, I did pack quickly.  I stuffed things such that I could dry out my ground sheet and quilt with minimal intrusion and get coffee at the same time.

I hike up to The Notch, stuck my head over the pass, came back, found a place in the sun for a while.   Laid out the gear to air out, fixed a hot coffee, and jamed a few tunes until the wind kicked up.  Did you know I hate wind... wind is good for kite flying, sailing, and cleaning out the Salt Lake Valley air.  Arugh, I'm chilled again.  Time to step away from this cliff band and the great view to a place a bit more sheltered.

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