Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Bell's Canyon Falls

This is a popular place to come to, I have no idea why I am alone right now.  This is a quick hike, less than an hour, up one of the many front canyons of the Salt Lake Valley.  I'm sitting here trying out a new pair of hiking sandals, more like getting ready to tape a few blisters.  My feet stuck to the Xeroshoes material.  No mater, blisters happen occasionally.  Soon my feet will toughen up for more punishment.
It hit me late last night, I'm soon on another adventure in about 2 months.  I'll see waterfalls, mountain peaks, Alpine lakes, and hopefully meet some of the PCT thru-hikers as they've crossed over their 1100 mile marker south of Lake Tahoe.  Mean while, I'll be crossing my 65 mile marker.
I want to dream big, PCT big? May be.  For now, I'll hike my weekender stuff, hit a few 30 to 50 milers , and perfect not getting sore or getting blusters.

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