Saturday, March 19, 2016


Gazing at the view a head I glanced at the time stamp on my camera, I realized I'd been hiking for an hour and a half, winded, yes, tired, no.  I'd already reached my destination, of the beaver pond of Broads Fork of Big Cottonwood Canyon outside of SLC.  I hung out for a while using my snowshoes as a place to set my knapsack.
Three others on skis were grabbing a snack before they headed up a skin track to one of the chutes above.  Three others were nearing the top.
Years ago I chose not to get into backcountry skiing.  This area is wealthy to opportunity of terrain.  I'll add, too, avalanches.  From where I stood, I counted three recent slides.  Two of which are naturals coming off rock faces above, not from where someone would ski though.  The third was a wet sluff from a few warm days ago.  My route to this spot never crossing a run out path.  Broads Fork is nice in that regard.
On my way down I crossed paths with someone I've met several times before.  He's into mountaineering which will take him and his friends up through avalanche zones up to the peaks high above.  Later I crossed paths with another friend about a mile up the trail.
Arriving at the parking lot I glanced at the time, 11:20.  I'd been on the trail three hours, about five miles and 2700 feet elevation gain.  That was quick considering I had actual hiking boots on if I need to use the snowshoes and simply for being on semi punchy snow. Quick and well worth it this morning.

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