Saturday, September 20, 2014

Last Night

The last night on the AT.  I can't believe I lay here listening to a few fellow thru-hikers talk by a crackling fire.  The Birches are the only designated shelters for us and space is limited to 12. Of the guys only one I've hiked with over several weeks, Jolley Green.  I met him in Dalton MA.  The others: Pope, Cruise, Potatoes, and Muffin Man, I've met since the White's

I signed the final registry as hiker 564 from GA.  This is only thru-hikers not any alternative style of hike.  Crazy, less then 1/2 my original thru-hiker number.  Where did everyone go?

As I made dinner, To Long - Sara, came thru.  She summited today.  She'd seen my entry in the Trail Log and came over.  She's trail family.  I've known her since who know's, Georgia?  Probably.  Good to see her one last time.

As I came into this area I caught another face, Forget Me Not.  I've known her only a few weeks.  While talking with her, Jim.and Roger aka Biscuits & Off Meds, came into sight.  I've hike consistently 1/2 day behind them for as long as I've know Forget Me Not.  This son & father team I've known also since Georgia.

We've made it.  2187 miles and a few more for good measure.  Each set out on this journey for a different reason.  I've forgotten why I came out.  I love to hike and see new places.  This hike's taught me a lot about myself in ways I can't put into writing.  One day I will try. 

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