Friday, September 12, 2014

I Slipped

Knowing I had two fords today, Sept 11, I knew I needed to exercise caution.  I like to take a lot of photos along the way and this day happens to be a rare wet day.  This year's journey is dry compared to previous years.   As I paused to look at the route across the creek, Moe river like, I lost my balance and ended up butt on the ground, feet ankle deep.  Problem solved, I picked myself up and waded across.

Two miles later, the fording, a bit different.  A wider and swifter river.  The rain added a little to the flow.  I pondered if anyone was around.  I whistled and got a response.  I put my SPOT beacon on my belt and turned it on just in case.  I loosed my straps and made sure my hip belt was not fastened.  A rope stretched between the shores.  I looped my poles over it.  My footing , not great but since my boots were already wet, I didn't bother taking them off.  I made the far shore without issue.

I tracked a few more miles for the day without further worries.  I was glad to see a few friends at the Horse Shoe Shelter.  I found a place to set up and dried off.  The slip did leave me muddied but the trail was misfired with the rain of the day.

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