Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Race is On

The last few weeks, hikers are talking of Trail Days.  Everyone is asking or writing of see you at Trail Days.

I'm now in the last week to get there.  I'm sitting in the Over Mountain Shelter, a converted barn dating back to the Revolutionary War.  The view is amazing.  The views to get here all day are amazing.

My push is not without frought.  My pack weighs in around 45 pounds with food, fuel, water, and gear.  My knees are achy and my ankles feeling rough too.  As I finish lunch daily, I think what can I do to lighten up.  My big overage is food.  I budget 3 pounds of food per day.  I'm also over weight in gear.  I've used my tent 4 times and slept in it 3.  It's got a condensation issue, out West no big deal, out here huge.  I do carry a full rain suit, gortex top and bottom, a pound each.  I may send home the bottoms.  I like the top as a jacket over all so that will stay.  I'm also looking and re-evaluating other pieces of gear.

I've seen guys hiking with as little at 10 pound base to over 40 pound base.  I'm in the middle.  Listening to my body is huge.  I like big mile days where I cover 20 plus.  A lighter pack means more comfort on the trail.

The race to Damascus' Trail Days is easy, one foot in front of the other.  The terrain gets easier the closer to Damascus one gets. 

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