Saturday, May 17, 2014

Over Crowded

Sitting in Double Spring Shelter I was alone ay 6:30 pm.  My dinner done & cleaned up.  I thought I'd be alone.  Sure enough as darkness rolled in on the final day before Trail Days, the lights came down the AT.  Riff Raff's party over in a meadow a few miles south and the push enroute to beat miles and weather. The group I stayed with last night came rolling in and another group hike through as grabbing water.  The group here is most comfortable with 7 in a 6 person shelter.  Last night's was more of a 5 person.  We were pad to pad and bumping each other.

Tomorrow rain is called for all day.  I don't mind hiking in the rain, I just don't like camping in it.

Today is 20 plus miles and tomorrow will be another 20.  This will be my second back to back 20's.  The miles are coming easier.  The pack still heavy.  If you asked ne to pull this a month ago, I'd call you crazy.  Now I am crazy.

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