Friday, March 07, 2014

My FAQ's

What is the AT? I hear often when I tell others I getting ready for something big.  Next question is are you going alone? A few others mockingly joke, haven't you left yet?
Questions, statement of fact, or common curosity any of the a fore or a combination of unexpected.  The way it does not mater.  What is mattering is the fact question either phillosophically thought out or poorly phrased, they mean the same thing, I'm interested or faining interst for a momment until I can think of something else to say.  I care and care less about the motive.  I'll gladly share an answer to any question.
Over the last few weeks I've listened to the questions.  Here are the most common ones asked by work mates and others I know.
# What is the Appalachain Trail?
- In short, a continous trail the goes from Georgia to Maine.  It's about 2200 miles and cross through many wild areas and towns a like.

# Are you going with a group?
-  Yes, I'm meeting them as we hike.  I'll meet people who hike about the same distance daily.  This loose group will gain and loose members as we journey northward.
- Alt answer.  No, I'm not as I've chosen to hike at my own pace which varies.

# What will you eat?
- I'm not foraging for it like Bear Gryils.  Nor am I hauling it all, this isn't an expedition.  There are towns along the way so I'll stock up on calorie dense and light food.  Things like peanut butter, ramen, and bagels.   While I'm in town I'll AYCE up too.

# Where will you sleep?
- Any where I want.  I use a hammock so where two trees are 12 feet apart, I'll be good.  I'll try to stay near one of the many huts and grab an occasional bunk at a hiker hostel.
-Post addition- I've since reconsidered the hammock but I'm not abandoning the tarp.  I'll have that and stay in the shelters that are spread out along the trail.  The tarp will take me to the ground but will lighten my load 3 lbs which in terms of comfort is huge for a day of hiking.

# What will you wear?
- The clothes on my back.  You will see a lot of the same shirt go from rei new to why the hell isn't it burned in a fire yet dirty.  On town days I'll make a fleetin attempt to wash what I do have at the local rock & scrub.

# Why?
- A one word question with a billion answers, many answers just don't make sense.  Let's put it this way, everyone does have their own why.  I could regurgitate a pre-meditated answer but, as these answers echo out my vocal chords or rattle around my head, they loose their punch, their meanings.  I just want to is why.

# How will you find your way?
- The general consensus is to follow the white blazes north.  A few of my closest friends recieved a post card saying, I've steeped away from my desk... follow the white blazes north to find me.  This isn't far from the truth.  Every hundered yards or so there's pained blazes about the size of the American currency painted on trees, rocks, and posts.  I'll carry a guide book, compass, and map to assist where things aren't clear.
A device I carry will tell you where I'm at though I may not besides, I'm here where I'm at.  The Captain, I'm sure will break out the map to pin point it.  Hint: GOOGLE Maps.

# What if?
-  You do realize that is a very loaded question?  I'll have a PLB for Sailor's sanity and for that one off emergency message.  This will send a message of where I'm at to the sky and back to your communication device if you too want to follow.  I intend to disappear into the woods AND come out again.  The PLB will just let others silently know what part of the woods I'm in that night.

# What about your job?
- Yes? And so? My two week notice will go in at the appropriate time.  I'll need to get re-hired when the journey concludes.  Even so, in my job history I change direction every 3 to 5 years.  The timing of this hike make sense then.  When I get back may be I'll have a renewed sense of purpose for what I do and a cleaner direction.

# How much is this costing?
-  May I ask you this? Why do you want to know?   Honestly, the actually numbers may be more scarry then finding out if a bear does poop in the woods first hand.  What I will say is, this is going to cost me: [not an inclusive list] sore muscles, hamburger feet, sweat, blood, irritations beyond.  The reward will be far more reaching then money can place a figure on.  Only other thru-hikers know.

Will you keep in touch?
- Why are you worried about this? I ask, will you keep intouch with me? Since you've come across this blog, you've started.  Bookmark this page, add it to your news feed, etc.  Check back often as I may post a few things back to back then not at all for a few days up to a week. You can also check the Subscribe To link at the bottom of the blog page.

# Will you take and share pictures?
- Yes,  you'll see a few attached to the posts and others will be avail in the Flickr feed on the side bar.  Flickr is where I'm dumping images.  I'll have location enabled so you can see the awesome sights with my sweat instead of your's.

Are you taking protection?
- As much as I can from the elements.  I know what folks are implying here.  The real protection comes from a sharp mind, good witt, and observation.  The last thing I need is mixed messages and bad action.

I hope this addresses your questions.  More answers are found in other posts as well.
Read on, while I hike on...


Chuck said...

Awesome! Don't forget to pick up parmasan cheese along the way...great flavor and better calorie to weight ratio.
Also, I hear Karl Meltzer is doing the AT again this year. You might see him jog by. I'm not sure which direction he's going.

Chuck said...

Don't forget to pick up some parmesan along the way. Great taste and even better calorie to weight ratio and it keeps well on the trail.