Sunday, December 01, 2013

Desolation Lake

I'm copying the link and pasting it as text.  I hope the mobile blogger program inserts the picture.

Each weekend I get up expecting to get turned away at the mouth of the canyons with the sign saying 'chains or 4 wheel drive only.' So far I haven't seen it.

This weekend in keeping with my rotation of which canyon I hike, I went up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  I chose Desolation Lake for the lack of vehicles parked there.

Since it's been a couple of weeks since the last snow fall, I readied myself for mud and ice.  I wasn't far off.  The snow packed trail did not reveal itself until 2 1/2 miles up.  On the way down mud shoe covering deep presented itself several times.  I choose to walk through it, boots are cleanable.  It takes time and a lot of effort to repair damaged trails.

The lake covered with a thin layer of ice kept creakin and moaning under the warmth of the day.  I fixed a hot cup of noodles while scanning for wildlife.  Deer and moose tracks were bountiful on the trail and around the meadows I passed.

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