Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Thousand and One Activities

Bella Star, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.
It's weekends like this that keep things interesting...
Yesterday morning I awoke to the announcement of the Sandy City Hot Air Balloon Festival. I got there this morning.

I then turned around after watching the balloon crews inflate their bags and to the Midvale Harvest Parade. Like many of the local parades the politicians came out. No big deal, it's cool. I write about them later. I did get a few good hand shake shots. May be the next prezzy will come and do something besides a drive by 'Honk & Wave'.

Following the parade I received a call from the SL Photo Club. The organizer of today's hike isn't well. I was asked to lead the short hike to the water falls formerly known as Donut Falls up Big Cottoonwood Canyon. The hike is still on. I'll park at the main road and hike into the actual parking lot, about a mile. The feature that made Donut Falls what it's named for collapsed with the spring run off this year. It's not a disappointment though. I find it a great starter hike for the Wasatch Mountains.

Tomorrow is the 3rd Annual Zombie Walk This will be spooky good. I do recommend off camera flash to punch the costumes into extra creepy. The website says to meet at City Hall/Main Library at 7 pm.  This will give us photog's plenty of light to shoot.

Also on tap for the next two weeks are two local county fairs. The Salt Lake County Fair begins this week and Davis County Fair is the week following. There will be plenty of shooting opportunities of many kinds.

And don't forget the Salt Lake Photo Club's show on August 13th 6-9pm at The Utah Arts Alliance Main Street Gallery
127 S Main Street in SLC.

Happy Shooting.

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