Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Patrick A. Dwire

Patrick A. Dwire, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

A young life taken too soon. He valiantly served Our Country right out of high school and did not complain about helping or serving others.

I knew him through the coffee shop we hung out at. A Veteran of several conflicts, he talked stories but revealed nothing. Tormented at times by his injuries sustained in combat, he never let them get in the way of conversation. His introduction to most people would include something about going sky diving, his fading hearing, and his daughter.

After the services on Monday, the group of regulars hung sipping coffee with a chilly wind blowing. Stories of how he'd drop everything to help a friend out floated away on tears. Each tear a leaf of the fading fall.

Today a light snow falls, covering the fresh grave site. Grave and fresh I know do not go together. They shouldn't. I talked to the funeral director after the services, himself a Vet. Irony, we bury our young men often before we bury our old. Young lives taken before their time.

I present to the family my deepest condolences. I knew him enough to be honored by his friendship. He helped me come to terms with my own death of my departed sister.

May the images I share be honoring to you.

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