Monday, October 26, 2009


I just calibrated my monitor with the Huey. Why does it all look so muddy? Or was it because its been out so long I think it looks muddy?

Either way I needed to calibrate for wedding pictures. I shot Jon & Ann Marie's wedding on Saturday. A wonderful couple I met at the coffee shop about 6 months ago. She immediately swooped in and looked at my images when I mentioned I like to shoot as a hobby. I've got most of the images sorted now. Next just a little more redefining and posting some where private for them. I'll post one or five here for show and tell. Critiques are always welcomed.

Right now I've got a sad shoot to do. I found out a day before the wedding one of the guys we hung with passed away. A First Gulf War Vet, he was plagued by injury sustained in combat. I talked with his roommate about taking a few pictures but, I still didn't feel right so I called the mortuary. They called the family and I have permission. Not fun, sad really, Patrick was a cool cat to listen to tell stories.

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