Sunday, June 03, 2012


As the Presidential race begins to heat up, I want to express my political stance here amongst my hiking references. I am part of a movement I hope will catch on.  I call it GOYA.

GOYA is simply Get Off Your Ass.  I like to think of this as all people included: voter or not; Democrats to Republicans to Indies to Un-named etc; US citizen to Visitors; etc etc. If you call this or any country your home YOU have the right to participate & are encouraged to do so in the political arenas of where YOU reside.

If you doubt the power of your one vote or expression of concern just look at the race between Bush Jr & Al Gore especially for the state of Florida a few races ago.  Also examine the local races. One vote makes a difference, because together they add up.

In my local area the last local election drew an amazingly small 10% of the voter population. It's estimated that less then 3% of the overall population took part in choosing the next leaders. 

With this small of numbers it's no wonder why people bitch about things not getting done & about why people think we have so many professional politicians.  It's easy to become a professional politician, all one needs to do is run in any race where the incumbent is looking to get out or is no longer popular. Once in all one needs to do is learn to work the system and BANG instant PP.

If you want to bitch, Get Off Your Ass.  Do something, write a politician about one of your concerns, write a fact supported commentary, VOTE.

As the United States of America begins to race for electing or re-electing her leaders & for the office known as 'the most powerful man in the world' remember YOU have a guaranteed Constitutional right to voice your opinion, gather together peacefully, & VOTE.



Be the voice & voter that makes a difference in this & all elections.


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